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Taking Care of your Curls

We have many clients who embrace there gorgeous curls and choose to go for the "Carefree" look. There’s actually a lot of work that goes into keeping those curls healthy and looking good! We really think that curly locks are always beautiful, bouncy and voluminous but too often it is not. Curly hair women constantly face the problem to manage their hair and style it as it can be often dry and unruly. So below are some tips on how to keep those curls bouncy and healthy:


1. Unlike straight hair, curly hair can go anything from 8 to 14 days before it needs a wash. It takes the natural oils from the scalp a longer time to travel down your curls; so curly hair stays cleaner for longer. This means you do not have to wash it as often. Allow the natural oils to nourish your curls.


2.  Because it takes the naturals oils from the scalp longer to feed the strands of hair, when you  do shampoo try and use something without sulphates which are known to dry out the curls and work from the scalp, no need to have shampoo on the ends of your hair. We recommend our Pure Pearl Miracle Shampoo and conditioner.


Pure Pearl Miracle shampoo and conditionerPure Pearl Miracle shampoo and conditioner


3.  When you have curly hair, conditioner is your bestie! Deep conditioner is a treatment masque that should be used weekly to nourish the hair and a little bit of leave in conditioner added every day to refresh and moisturise. Without doubt, conditioner is the most important product in your curly hair toolkit. We recommend using Eleven Australia's Miracle Treatment to leave your curls treated on the go. 



4.  Curly hair should not be brushed or combed when dry as all that does is disturb the natural curl and encourage frizz. If your curls are not looking as fab as usual, mist them with water from a spray bottle, refresh with a dab of Keep My Curl Defining Cream by Eleven Australia and twirl the curl around your finger. Apply products to your hands like hand cream. When you think about it, applying product to only 50 percent of your hand surface area doesn't make sense. 



5. Invest in two satin/silk pillowcases so there’s always a clean one on hand. Your hair will thank you for it!


6.  Diffuse your curls the proper way. Patience is key here! To avoid overheating the curls, you should keep both the heat and power on medium. Take your time to dry your curls. Low heat will make a difference.


Once you apply some or all of our tips to your gorgeous curls we can assure you it will make a difference! you will love your curly locks with shine and bounce. Most importantly make sure your hair stylist knows how to cut curly hair. Cutting curly hair is a whole different technique and it is crucial the techniques are applied to compliment your natural curl. 


Come and chat to us if you want to know more about how to look after your gorgeous curls at Style Em for Hair!


~Style Em Team